Taming Your Teen

The teen years are notoriously challenging for parents. Much like the toddler years, kids sometimes seem intent on doing exactly the opposite of what we ask. Disrespectful or rude behavior in teenagers is quite common. Although this phase will eventually pass, there are some strategies that can help you handle disrespect from your child in […]

Why Does Your Kid Hate School?

“I hate school! I’m not going!” When your child chronically refuses to go to school, you can start to feel like a hamster in a wheel—putting in a heck of a lot of work, effort, sweat and tears, but not really getting anywhere. I’ve seen and sympathized with frustrated parents who resort to physically putting […]

Taming Your Child’s Outbursts

During the toddler years, your child is constantly learning to control impulses, bodily functions and behavior. Sometimes, the ability to maintain self-control breaks down, resulting in a tantrum. You may not be able to avoid them, entirely, but you can minimize their frequency and intensity. To tame your child’s outbursts: Practice prevention. Make sure your child is […]

Raising a Confident Child

The idea that failure builds resilience has become commonplace. However, when children continually fail and don’t have the support to keep trying, all they learn is that they are failures. Resilience does not come from failing but from the experience of learning that you can pick yourself up, try again, and succeed. That requires some […]

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