Learning Support Services

At Living Skills, we work with children who are underperforming or struggling at school. We have deep experience with children who have mild to severe disabilities in overcoming obstacles to learning and classroom productivity. We address learning challenges by offering highly refined solutions to your child’s specific needs. We also assist you as the parent to better understand your child’s learning challenges.

All children need love, encouragement and support. For kids with disabilities, such positive reinforcement can help ensure that they emerge with a strong sense of self-worth, confidence and the determination to keep going even when things are tough.

In searching for ways to help children with learning challenges, remember that you are looking for ways to help them help themselves. You job as a parent is not to “cure” the learning challenge. At Living Skills, we will provide you with the social-emotional tools he or she needs to work through challenges. In the long run, facing and overcoming a challenge such as a learning disability can help your child grow and become more resilient.

Always remember that the way you behave and respond to challenges has a big impact on your child. A good attitude won’t solve the problems associated with a learning challenge, but you can give your child hope and confidence that things can improve and that he or she will eventually succeed.

At Living Skills, we will teach you the four essential keys in helping your child with a disability/learning challenge succeed:

  1. You will learn to keep things in perspective–a disability/learning challenge isn’t insurmountable.
  2. You will learn to become your own expert.
  3. You will learn to be an advocate for your child.
  4. You will learn that your influence outweighs all others.

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