Gifted Kid?

While raising a gifted and talented child can be rewarding, it can also cause anxiety and self-doubt, even for an experienced parent. How can you ensure that your bright, advanced student is receiving enough challenge to make the most of his or her gifts? Try...

Time Out!

When your child acts up, the best way to nip the behavior in the bud is often to remove him/her from the activity at hand and offer a chance to calm down. This technique, known as a time-out, is an effective, nonviolent way to shape behavior. Here are the keys...

How To Get Your Kids To Listen!

One of the most common questions I hear from parents is: How can I get my kid to listen to me? Kids have a lot on their minds, from the math test to the football tryouts to the newest video game. Parents can be dismally low on their list. Not to mention that w...

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